Excellence is in the details for Jalen Reagor

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. – The wide receivers hear the voices. Every route they run, every rep they take, they hear the words from position coach Aaron Moorehead and Head Coach Nick Sirianni. The voices aren’t distractions, mind you. Instead, they are constant, etched-in-the-brain reminders of detailing every bit of their work each time they step on the field.

The excellence, you might say, is in the details.

“Even when you’re in between routes, you hear him (Sirianni) in the back of your head, him and Mo (Moorehead), and you kind of hear those guys emphasizing and preaching the things they want us to do,” wide receiver Jalen Reagor said. “I feel like it’s helping us mold together as far as spacing, running routes in general, and then getting open, above all.”

Reagor spoke to the media after the first of two joint practices against the New York Jets, stressing that the coaching staff “pretty much hits every area” in the quest to make Reagor and those in the room all-around receivers. It’s a work in progress with a young group and days like the Eagles had on Tuesday when they lined up against a new defense are taken positively.

“I feel like us as a whole, we’re getting better every day,” Reagor said.

The Eagles have a second day of practice with New York on Wednesday, then conduct a walkthrough on Thursday ahead of Friday’s preseason finale. Then it all…

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