ESPN’s Mike Wilbon on Texans: ‘Franchise is a joke’ and a ‘fraud’

The news of the Texans firing David Culley after just one season led Thursday’s episode of ESPN’s “Pardon The Interruption,” and Mike Wilbon used the segment to take shots at the Texans and all of Houston’s professional sports.

“The franchise is a joke,” Wilbon told co-host Tony Kornheiser. “What are they doing? Seriously. They bring a guy in, you sit there, and you have a press conference, you introduce him around a big market – Houston, the fourth-largest city in America – you say he’s our guy … He has no squad. He has maybe the worst roster in the NFL, and you can him? After you don’t even have your star quarterback (Deshaun Watson)? And, Culley has a record that’s only one game worse than the previous year in Houston when Deshaun Watson had a great season individually. They’re a fraud to me.” 

Culley was fired after going 4-13 in a season when Watson sat out the entire season under the cloud of 22 civil lawsuits that include allegations of sexual assault during massage sessions. Culley also was put in charge of a team with 31 new players on the 53-man active roster. Twenty-two of those players were playing on one-year contracts.

Wilbon incorrectly said the Texans gave Culley just a two-year contract. Culley’s contract was for four years.

The Texans fired their head coach David Culley after one season, and @RealMikeWilbon gives his thoughts on what it says…

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