Eric Wilson’s Eagles contract comes with minimal salary cap hit

The Eagles signed linebacker Eric Wilson to a one-year contract earlier this week and sticking with the theme of the offseason, it comes with a minimal salary cap hit.

Wilson’s one-year deal is worth $2.75 million but can be worth up to $3.25 million if team and individual incentives are met, according to a league source. His cap hit for the 2021 season is $1.75 million.

Here are all the details:

Total guarantee: $2.75 million

Base salary: $1.5 million

Roster bonus: $1.25 million

Incentives: $500,000

2021 cap hit: $1.75 million

2022 dead money: $1 million

Like the Eagles did with the contracts of Anthony Harris and Joe Flacco, there are four automatically voidable years on this contract from 2022-2025 for salary cap purposes. The Eagles do this to spread out bonus money over the course of multiple years, limiting the cap hit in 2021, when the Eagles are in a tight spot. (That roster bonus triggers three days after the contract was executed.)

But that also means that Wilson will leave $1 million in dead money for the 2022 season. Between Wilson, Harris and Flacco, those three will account for over $5.3 million in dead money next season. But the Eagles will be in a much better position to handle that hit then.

Before the signings of Wilson and Jordan Howard this week, the Eagles had $6,411,321 in available salary cap space, according to NFLPA figures. So they’re still in…

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