Eliot Wolf an intriguing GM option for Bears

Hall of Fame executive Ron Wolf has always had a healthy respect for the Bears organization despite his seminal role in the Packers’ 30-year dominance of the Bears-Packers rivalry.

“There are four jewels in the crown and the Bears are one of those jewels,” Wolf said. “There is no National Football League without the Chicago Bears. I would think that would be an ideal place to work for, because of the tradition and history of the game. You can do an awful lot with that. It’s just a marvelous place to be.”

Wolf might have a dog in the Bears’ side of that fight. His son, Patriots scouting consultant Eliot Wolf, has reportedly been asked to interview for the Bears’ general manager opening. Hiring the son of the man most responsible for the disparity between the Packers and Bears over the past 30 years to reverse that trend would be an intriguing development — especially after Eliot Wolf lost out to Brian Gutekunst for the Packers GM job in 2018. That’s a chip-on-my-shoulder story just waiting to be written.

“You have to understand that I’m his father,” Ron Wolf told the Sun-Times on Wednesday. “But let me say one thing: He is his own man. I’m delighted he’s going to get this opportunity and I know there are a lot of people also in line to get it. Does he deserve the opportunity [to interview]? I certainly think so. He’s…

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