Elias and Mejdal on outfield changes at Oriole Park – Steve Melewski

Yes, the Orioles are quite aware that their pitching staffs in recent years have struggled. But the changes underway in left field and left-center field at Camden Yards are more about producing a park that plays more neutral and more toward norms in Major League Baseball. Right now, the club plays in a stadium that produces among the most home runs and runs in baseball – for all pitchers – and this will create a shift in that.

Orioles executive vice president and general manager Mike Elias said during a Zoom interview with reporters today that discussions of changes have been ongoing since he was hired, but really gained steam starting last summer. He added that changes were not made with the current roster or any acquisitions in mind. But Elias does feel making the park play more fair for all pitchers could help the club in pursuing free agent pitchers.

“It’s definitely a significant factor in our move to do this,” said Elias. “We still expect that this will remain somewhat of a hitter’s park and we like that about Camden Yards. But the conditions here have been very extreme, toward the very most extreme in the league. It’s not a secret, it’s been the case for decades. And part of having a winning program is the ability to recruit free agent pitchers and that has been a historical challenge for this franchise. There is just no way around…

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