Eagles stay or go: Defensive coordinator Jonathan Gannon

Now that the Philadelphia Eagles’ 2021 season is over, we’ll be taking a position-by-position look at which players will likely be back with the team in 2022, and which ones won’t. But first, let’s start with a few key coaching and front office positions, beginning with defensive coordinator Jonathan Gannon, since he has been interviewing for head coaching jobs with other teams around the league.

The Eagles’ defense in 2021 was fine against bad quarterbacks, but they barely made the good ones break a sweat. A visual:

Opposing QB  QB rating vs. Eagles 
Dak Prescott, Cowboys (Week 3)  143.3 
Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs  131.1 
Justin Herbert, Chargers  123.2 
 Tom Brady, Buccaneers (Playoffs) 115.2 
Derek Carr, Raiders  113.6 
Tom Brady, Buccaneers (Week 6)  102.1 
Jimmy Garoppolo, 49ers  100.6 
Daniel Jones, Giants  94.0 
Jared Goff, Lions  90.6 
Zach Wilson, Jets  83.9 
Garrett Gilbert, WFT  81.9 
Taylor Heinicke, WFT  81.6 
Teddy Bridgewater, Broncos  79.2 
Trevor Siemian, Saints  74.4 
Matt Ryan, Falcons  71.6 
Jake Fromm / Mike Glennon, Giants  46.8 
Sam Darnold, Panthers  44.5 

*Week 18 practice squad game omitted.

The good/great quarterbacks performed better against the Eagles than the bad ones, which obviously isn’t surprising. However, the Eagles made life far too easy on the good quarterbacks, who picked apart the Eagles’ soft coverage defense with ease. The super basic way of putting it is that they took what Gannon’s defense gave them until the ball was in the end zone. It often looked like this:


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