Eagles’ Nick Sirianni, Jalen Hurts have forged special relationship

Nick Sirianni was in the middle of delivering a postgame speech to his team on Sunday night in Indianapolis when he was interrupted by Jalen Hurts.

Hurts asked him where Sirianni used to coach. When Sirianni said “here,” Hurts tossed him a game ball and his teammates cheered.

“It’s always cool, something like that,” Sirianni said on Wednesday. “That meant a lot, that Jalen flipped me that ball. And probably just the same way it meant a lot to Mr. Lurie when I flipped him the ball after the Houston game. That’s always good.”

Hurts knew how much that game meant to Sirianni.

And it’s clear how much Sirianni means to his team, especially the starting quarterback.

The Eagles are 9-1 right now. They have the best record in the NFL and are well on their way to exceeding all expectations. A big reason for that level of success is the play of Hurts this season. And it’s hard to find a more important relationship in the NFL than the one between the head coach and quarterback.

The bond between Sirianni and Hurts just keeps getting stronger.

“The relationship with Jalen, I just really appreciate the head coach-quarterback relationship we have and how it’s grown over the last year and a half,” Sirianni said. “We’ve know more and more about each other, not only in football, but our personal lives too.”

In some ways, Sirianni and Hurts are very similar.…

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