Eagles at Cardinals: Five matchups to watch

This time last year, the Arizona Cardinals were 4-0 with a point differential of +55. They actually started 7-0, before losing 6 of their final 10 regular season games, capped off by a feeble one-and-done showing in the wildcard round of the playoffs. In 2022, the Cardinals are out to a 2-2 start, which sounds respectable enough, but it has not been a pretty display of football. Here are our five matchups to watch.

1) The Eagles’ secondary vs. Kyler Murray’s frenetic scrambling ability

You’ve all seen Kyler Murray play, right? He’s capable of making plays like this:

Murray is at his best when the play has broken down, and he resorts to sandlot ball. While that is not typically a recipe for success long-term in the NFL, Murray is still a dangerous quarterback to face because of his unpredictability. After the Cardinals’ loss to the Rams Week 3, Murray publicly complained about his receivers not staying “awake” on plays that he extends with his feet.

Kyler Murray on the dropped passes today: “I told guys you have to be awake when you play with me. No matter what the play is. I have free reign to do whatever, so when you sleep and you don’t think you’re getting the ball- you can’t play like that.”

— Josh Weinfuss (@joshweinfuss) September 26, 2022

While you might question Murray’s leadership in criticizing teammates publicly, there’s also truth in his words.

Kyler Murray…

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