‘Draymond broke the code’: Warriors’ Green angers Miami players with Finals prediction

Miami’s Udonis Haslem and P.J. Tucker offered vigorous responses after Green predicted his Golden State Warriors would face Boston in the NBA Finals.

“Draymond broke the code,” Haslem told Yahoo Sports after his team’s win over the Celtics on Friday night. “You ain’t supposed to say some s— like that. That’s disrespectful. He know better than that.”

Haslem’s “broke the code” comment, of course, played off Warriors head coach Steve Kerr using the same phrase May 3 in Memphis. Kerr said Grizzlies guard Dillon Brooks “broke the code” by slamming Gary Payton II to the court, a play on which Payton broke his elbow.

Green sparked this latest tiff when he and Stephen Curry appeared on TNT’s postgame show Thursday night outside Chase Center, after the Warriors beat Dallas to reach the Finals. Shaquille O’Neal asked Green which team he wanted to face in the next round.

Green briefly danced around the question, before O’Neal good-naturedly demanded an answer. Then Green smiled and replied, “I’ll tell you who I think we’re gonna play. We’re gonna play Boston.”

“We’re gonna play Boston”

Dray thinks the Warriors will face the Celtics in the Finals pic.twitter.com/inNeblMdjF

— Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport) May 27, 2022

That did not sit well with Haslem, the NBA’s oldest player (he turns 42 on June 9).

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“He (Green) let Shaq peer pressure him into saying some s— he ain’t got no business saying,” Haslem told Yahoo. “I…

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