Draft Grades » Blazers Get Good Marks For Sharpe, Walker Selections

Imagine showing up to register for your first day of school and rather than getting your schedule for the upcoming semester, you’re given a grade despite the fact classes haven’t actually started yet.

That, my friends, is real world equivalent of grading NBA Draft picks.

But unlike giving a student a grade for work not-yet-assigned, let alone completed, there’s no real harm in people who cover the draft extensively making snap judgements on whether a player who has yet to log a second in an NBA game was the right pick for their respective new teams. For as much effort as teams put into their preparation, how well a team performs during the draft still comes down to a lot of guesswork, so there’s no reason to be too harsh on the media for indulging in the same.

So here are the grades for Portland picking Kentucky guard Shaedon Sharpe with the seventh overall pick, with a few also grading picking Jabari Walker at 57 as well. As you’ll see shortly, Joe Cronin and his staff mostly got good marks for the selection. Some of the reasoning, in my opinion, is a bit suspect and rather surprising to read in 2022, though the grades are still pretty good.

• Kevin O’Connor at The Ringer, obviously a big fan of Portland selecting Shaedon Sharpe at No. 7, gives the team an “A+” grade…

Sharpe might be risky in the short term, but…

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