Dodgers’ Trea Turner says return to Washington ‘definitely special’ but not emotional

WASHINGTON — They played a tribute video on the scoreboard at Nationals Park before Monday’s game, saluting two members of the 2019 World Series champions, Trea Turner and Daniel Hudson, who returned as Dodgers.

Both tipped their caps to the sparse crowd, Turner getting a second ovation when he came to the plate for the first time. The memories from his first seven years in the big leagues are special, Turner acknowledged – but getting too emotional about something like a return to Nationals Park is not his style.

“I try to keep an even keel, don’t get too high or too low,” Turner said before Monday’s game. “Just everyday life, I enjoy each and every moment and then move on, continue to try to have fun.

“But yeah, moments like that, when you look back and think about what you’ve been through and where you come from – it’s definitely special. I’m not out here crying. I don’t feel emotional about it. But it’s just who I am, just trying to take it moment by moment.”

If the Nats’ World Series victory was a moment Turner will never forget, so was last year’s abrupt end to his career in Washington. Turner has said he was surprised to be part of the off-loading portion of the Nationals’ rebuilding project.

“I don’t know if it took a while to come to grips, I just think it caught me a little off…

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