Dodgers Dugout: Losing Max Scherzer and Corey Seager is not the end of the world

Hi, and welcome to another edition of Dodgers Dugout. My name is Houston Mitchell and let’s take a look at free-agent activity, because there might not be any more signings for a while.

The big news: Max Scherzer signs with the New York Mets for three years, $130 million and Corey Seager signs with the Texas Rangers for 10 years, $325 million.


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The reaction here: Yawn.


Let’s take them one at a time.

Max Scherzer is a great pitcher. Finished third in NL Cy Young Award voting. A future Hall of Famer. But he’s 37 years old, is coming off a “dead arm” and is not worth $43 million a season. He signed with a team desperate to make a splash. The Dodgers are not a desperate team. He came here, did what he was supposed to do, wore out in the playoffs and we wish him well in the future against everyone other than the Dodgers.

Corey Seager leaving hurts a little just from the standpoint that he started here, we watched him mature into a solid player and it’s sad to see him go. At one point during spring training, the Dodgers offered him eight years, $250 million. He said no.

Seager is really good when he plays, but…

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