Dodgers Dugout: Answering your lockout questions

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With the lockout on, there’s no big Dodgers news. Players can’t be signed to major league contracts, so there are many free agents still out there, including Clayton Kershaw.


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Since the lockout began, I have been flooded with questions from readers. Luckily, The Times has an expert in such matters, a guy who knows the business of baseball inside and out, who has agreed to step in and answer the most-asked questions. So, thank you to my colleague Bill Shaikin. The floor is his.


Question: What are the main sticking points of the negotiations?

Shaikin: Players: We want more of your money.

Owners: No.

Players: No, seriously. Revenues have gone up and average salaries have not. And, because analytics have taught you that you should pay players for what they will do and not for what they have done, you’re relying more on younger and cheaper players. So, if you’re so reliant on younger players, let’s pay those players more.

Owners: OK. We can take some of the money we pay older players and…

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