Did the Celtics get better this offseason despite losing Gordon Hayward?

While we all wait for Gordon Hayward’s departure to finalize, a question to ponder: Are the Boston Celtics better than they were at the end of last season?

The simple answer is no. You don’t lose an All-Star talent like Hayward and suggest that your ceiling got higher. But the discussion is a bit more complicated than that and might require the benefit of time.

The Celtics most certainly got better on the margins. Tristan Thompson is a championship-owning boost at the center position and Jeff Teague is a necessary lift at the backup point guard spot, particularly given the concerns about Kemba Walker’s knee.

Time will tell if first-round picks Aaron Nesmith and Payton Pritchard can help this team but, if their skill sets translate from the college level — and whispers from first glimpses inside the Auerbach Center were encouraging, particularly for Pritchard — the first-rounders have potential to boost a previously inconsistent Boston bench.

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There’s an argument to be made that Hayward’s health woes were so perpetual that his absence doesn’t leave quite the void that might be perceived. We’d push back on this a bit. Hayward’s presence, sporadic as it was, differentiated the Celtics. No team in the East had a fourth option quite like him. What’s more, the numbers…

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