Deep dive into make-or-break season for Giants’ Daniel Jones

Leading into the July 27 opening of Giants training camp, The Post will analyze 11 position groups based on personnel, strengths, weaknesses and key depth chart battles. Today’s look-in: quarterbacks.

Overview: It is not fair to state the Giants in 2021 will go only as far as Daniel Jones can take them. Team success hinges on so much more than that. But — here we go — if Jones has his best season and shows he is a legitimate franchise guy, it is easy to envision the Giants as a playoff contender.

The flip-side? If Jones does not take a quantum step forward, it is nearly impossible to take this team seriously. No one outside the building was particularly overjoyed or impressed when Jones was the surprise pick at No. 6 overall in the 2019 draft, and no one can be particularly overjoyed or impressed with what he has done in his two years on the job.

Replacing Eli Manning after his 16-year stay was never going to be an enviable assignment. Jones works like a demon and does everything right, other than perform at a high enough level to make a believer out of all the doubters.

Daniel JonesAP

Personnel: Daniel Jones, Mike Glennon, Clayton Thorson.

Rundown: Did you feel more energized about Jones after his rookie season than you did after last season? Know the feeling. It is not merely because his passer rating (80.4) fell off in…

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