Dak Prescott’s career has been full of surprises, and the Cowboys QB needs another big one vs. TB

The Cowboys have worn these shoes before. It was just nine years ago, the start of the 2012 season, that the league had Dallas visit the Super Bowl champs for the Thursday night opener. The Cowboys beat the New York Giants 24-17 that night, but Tyron Smith is the only starter around here who can recall what that was like, so it’s fair to call this a new test for these Cowboys.

This is especially true for quarterback Dak Prescott. Regardless of time, place or opponent, his first game under center as a freshly minted $40-million-a-season quarterback would be a major story. The fact that he’s doing it in the new home of Tom Brady while shrouded in his own personal mystery due to injury makes the challenge all the more considerable.

Brady has seven Super Bowl rings. He played college ball at Michigan last century. Who even knows what planet he comes from at this point? Comparing others to him or examining a “tale of the tape” for any quarterback opposing Brady is just mindless at this point.

Prescott has his own worries. He has pronounced himself ready a remarkable number of times — the start of training camp, the return to training camp from his shoulder injury, this past week — without ever actually playing the game. Prescott is one of 15 starting quarterbacks who did not throw a single preseason pass, but Brady talked this week about…

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