Cubs’ Jason Heyward: ‘not taking anything for granted’ as critics howl

Is this the last game Jason Heyward plays for the Cubs? Is tomorrow his last day on the roster?

Or next week? Next month? Sometime next year — the final year of that eight-year megadeal he signed 11 months before the most celebrated rain delay in major league history.

It’s all anyone on Cubs Twitter asks when his name shows up in another lineup or when another outfielder is moved off the roster (at least the non-profane questions).

For Heyward’s part, “I don’t wonder,” he told NBC Sports Chicago. “Because when it happens, it’ll happen, whatever it is. Whether it’s my last day alive, whether it’s my last day being a part of this team, or any team, whether it’s my last day playing; whenever that gets here, that’ll get here.

“I’m here. Being where my feet are.”

Heyward knows as well as anyone on Twitter he’s the elephant in the lineup.

Team president Jed Hoyer knows better than Twitter that what’s left of the right fielder’s $184 million contract is the elephant on the roster.

In short, he is the most polarizing player on the roster by a wide margin for an angry fan base.

And Heyward knows what they’re saying. Well, he knows what he’s told they’re saying.

“I don’t care,” he said with the same matter-of-fact tone he addresses most subjects. “I’m just saying I don’t personally go flip through [Twitter].”

As for what he actually hears,…

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