Cubs are rebuilding for 2nd time in 10 years. Don’t ask them about it.

The bad Cubs lost 20-5 to the pitiful Reds on Thursday. The score might have been an anomaly. The loss wasn’t.

The Cubs lose at home (7-15), they lose in one-run games (4-11) and they lose interleague games (1-4).

They strike out a lot, and they give up a lot of home runs.

They have some players I’ve never heard of, which isn’t a problem. That their parents haven’t heard of them is.

If you’re Cubs management (and I’m sorry if you are), what’s worse: To say you’re rebuilding or to say you’re awful at your job? Me, I’d much prefer the pain of rebuilding to the shame of being awful at my job.

But not the Cubs. They refuse to use the “R’’ word. Marquee Sports Network, the team’s state-run propaganda arm, has a show called “The Reporters,’’ featuring a host and media members. During a recent taping, The Score’s David Haugh criticized general manager Jed Hoyer for not being more transparent about the franchise’s long-term roster plan. The show’s producer immediately stopped the segment to say they were having technical difficulties. A camera problem? Audio issues? A wardrobe malfunction? Nobody seemed to know, but when the producer gave the order to recommence, it came with a stipulation: No more talk of Hoyer’s lack of transparency.

Marquee didn’t want to put words in guests’ mouths. It only sought to take one word out: rebuild.

When news of the suppression…

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