Cousins is a stand up guy — again — in a season of fallen quarterbacks

Kirk Cousins hasn’t spoiled Vikings fans quite the way Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers have pampered the Packers faithful the past three decades, but even the most vociferous detractors in the Divided States of Kirkland have to admire the heck out of this guy’s uncanny ability to stay on the field play-after-play-after-nearly-every-single-play since he arrived five seasons ago.

This thought has come to mind while watching quarterbacks drop left and right this season — from San Francisco to Miami, New York to New Orleans. From Dallas to twice in 16 snaps for Bill Belichick, whose GOATness includes taking Aaron Rodgers down to the final tick of overtime at Lambeau Field with third-string rookie fourth-rounder Bailey Zappe relieving second-string AARP member Brian Hoyer, who made it only 15 snaps after starting for Mac Jones, who was injured on New England’s final offensive snap the week before.

Cousins arrived in Minnesota in 2018 as a guy who gambled not only on his talented arm but his durability, the mother of all traits favored by Bud Grant, still the ultimate Upper Midwest face of the Vikings’ 61-year-old franchise. Cousins shrugged when Washington gave him not one but two one-year franchise tags before leaving to become the first NFL player to have a multiyear contract fully guaranteed.

Five years later, he has stockpiled $140 million of the Wilfs’ money, according to His sometimes-rose-colored super fans and oftentimes-too-bitter haters dig in daily via Twitter…

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