Column: Winners and losers of NHL’s neat ‘Reverse Retro’ sweaters

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The Carolina Hurricanes’ reverse retro jersey takes fans back to the team’s days as the Hartford Whalers. 


Mike Harrington

To hockey fans, the sweater is everything.

In football and baseball, it’s a jersey. And in basketball, how many adults can actually look good in what is essentially a tank top?

But in hockey, the aura is everywhere. Young. Old. Male. Female. Tall. Short. You gotta have the sweater.

Trust me when I say there’s nothing like a game at the Saddledome in Calgary, when a vast majority of the 19,000 folks in the stands are wearing their team’s blazing red. It’s a similar scene in Chicago and Washington most nights, the other two places where my eyes say I see the highest percentage of sweaters in the seats.

One thing the NBA has been ahead of the NHL on for years is alternate jerseys. Now, you can easily argue the NBA has too many – and teams even have alternate courts to play on – but there are lots of different looks and throwbacks and I happen to love the NBA’s “City Edition” collection, which this year includes incredible purple and orange “The Valley” tops for the Phoenix Suns and Fiesta themes for the San Antonio Spurs.

Why shouldn’t the NHL have that kind of fun?

In conjunction with Adidas, the league released its 31 “reverse retro” sweaters Monday morning. The NHL’s first-ever leaguewide alternate…

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