Column: Signing Tatis is good for the Padres, San Diego and baseball

Sez Me …

Peter Seidler is not some imprisoned criminal collecting unemployment checks.

(Jealous?) Critics are wondering why and how the Padres’ owner can be doing what he’s doing, spending like a hoodlum with a stolen debit card, in the nation’s 27th-largest market, Mayberry By The Sea.

Simple. He wants to, and he can.


It used to be every day was Black Friday for the Padres. Standing in line at Wal-Mart. Rummaging through Gimbels basement and consignment stores, looking for bargains — or maybe a five-finger San Diego Discount. Farm barren.

Now, just like that, they no longer are Fred Mertzes and Jack Bennys, but strolling Rodeo Drive, and not window shopping. Money burning holes in the pockets of their Brunello Cucinelli slacks, they’re going in. And buying.

Playing off George Costanza: Is that wrong? Are they outkicking their coverage?



Just what do you want, people?

With the $340 million extension of effervescent Fernando Tatis Jr., coupled with the $300 mil thrown two years ago at Manny Machado, the Pads now have more money invested on the left side of their infield than they did in combined player salaries for the first decade of this century ($571 million, or thereabouts).

But of course, because we have become a nation of fools, not everyone can be happy about it, as though their taxes have been raised.

I’ve actually heard from media people desperate to look more stupid than…

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