Column: Lakers need Anthony Davis more than ever, but is he capable?

When Anthony Davis showed up on the Lakers nearly two years ago, he arrived with a promise.

“Right now, my focus is … trying to figure out how I can help this team, and help the organization, become a championship team,” he said.

After one title, he’s seemingly lost that focus.

When Davis hit the three-point Mamba Shot at the buzzer to beat the Denver Nuggets in Game 2 of the Western Conference finals last fall, he reiterated the promise.


“The job is definitely not over until we’re able to win the ring,” he said. “I mean, that’s when it’s over, and that’s when the test is completed.”

After one ring, he seemingly considers his job completed.

As the heavily bandaged Lakers stumble down the stretch of their teetering title defense, with LeBron James back on the trainer’s table and confusion again rampant on the court, they desperately need their second star to carry them into the playoffs.

Yet for Davis, the weight seems to be too much.

His body can’t take it. His game can’t take it. His personality can’t take it?

Mere months after signing a five-year contract extension worth potentially $190 million, the hope for the Lakers future is substantially less than a $190-million cornerstone.

On a Thursday night with the Lakers dangling precariously above the dreaded play-in tournament, Davis couldn’t hold on.


In a game in which they needed to take the fight to…

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