Column: Eric Weddle’s comeback with Rams is wonderfully Weddle

Eric Weddle’s decision to accept an offer to return to the Los Angeles Rams, just six days ahead of their playoff game, is surprising in one large aspect.

Weddle, the former San Diego Chargers All-Pro safety, has been enjoying a blissful life through two years into retirement, according to his longtime agent. “He was better than good, actually,” said David Canter.

Canter presented him with several leads since he left football in Feb. 2019 — in broadcasting, scouting and coaching — only for Weddle to say no.

“I don’t think I’ve ever had a guy more seamlessly transfer out of the NFL,” said Canter, who’s represented some 2,000 athletes in a 26-year career.


The Poway resident loved the year-round family life with wife Chanel and their four children, said Canter. Unfettered by football, he enjoyed maintaining friendships, such as when he went snowboarding in Utah.

Canter said he was shocked Tuesday when Weddle, 37, telephoned him that Rams coordinator Raheem Morris had inquired about a return and that Weddle was leaning toward yes.

“Are you playing games with me?” Canter said.

Weddle assured him he was serious. The Rams were in need of a veteran safety, having lost the duo of signal-caller Jordan Fuller (season-ending ankle injury) and Taylor Rapp (concussion) in Sunday’s overtime loss to the 49ers.

Once Weddle answered a few more questions, Canter was satisfied.

“Let’s do it!” the agent said.

As Canter negotiated with the…

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