Column: Don’t let Deshaun Watson play for the Texans again

Watson insists he is too good for the Texans — even though he hasn’t said anything publicly about Houston’s NFL team since the end of the 2020 season and continues to hide behind his Instagram page in late July of 2021.

Watson also is facing 22 active lawsuits by women accusing him of sexual harassment and assault, while NFL and Houston Police Department investigations surrounding Watson are still ongoing.

So the next part is easy for the Texans, right?

The next step is elementary.


Watson should not be allowed to take another snap for the local professional franchise that you still follow and support.

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And if Watson continues to be allowed inside NRG Stadium — since NFL commissioner Roger Goodell continues to be invisible and a gazillion-dollar league has cemented lips, while millions of national eyeballs zero in on the Texans as training camps begin around Football America — then it’s on the Texans to keep Watson as far away from his “teammates” as possible.

Janice McNair, Hannah McNair and Cal McNair want this version of Watson representing and promoting the Texans on televisions across the country?

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The Texans want to trade Watson. Now.

They want to make everything about Watson in 2021 go away.

But until that long-delayed moment finally happens, the best thing for the Texans is to professionally and publicly distance themselves from the “franchise…

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