Column: Dolphins-Bills game was special, if brutal

The NFL chose sweltering Miami rather than Buffalo for the first of two games between the AFC East rivals Sunday. Dialing up the cruelty, the league pretended tropical sunshine doesn’t matter, setting kickoff for 1:05 p.m. (EDT).

As the heat index soared above 100 degrees, players on each team exited with cramps. Three Bills succumbed to heat illness. Other players wobbled to the sideline.

Raising the brutality, the players beat the daylights out of each other.


And you couldn’t turn away, even after the clock expired.

Miami’s 21-19 victory, not secured until the Dolphins (3-0) weathered Josh Allen’s 42nd completion and the clock ran out, wore out nearly everyone involved.

Who stood toughest? A Dolphins defense that weathered 90 plays across 40-plus minutes? Or was it Allen across eight rushes, four sacks and 63 dropbacks?

Call it a draw.

Whose competitive fires overheated the most?

Was it Allen when he ripped the helmet off Dolphins lineman Christian Wilkins at the bottom of a fourth-quarter scrum?

Or was it Bills playcaller Ken Dorsey when he slammed down his headset, his cap and notebook after time expired on Buffalo’s attempt to set up a potential game-winning field goal?

Because there’s always a San Diego angle to an NFL game, Melvin Ingram jogged memories on the West Coast.

Ten years after he went first in A.J. Smith’s final Chargers draft, the Dolphins’ edge rusher made plays against the NFL’s top offense. Belying…

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