Column: David Montgomery is faster this season. Now the Chicago Bears must utilize the running back’s speed to create explosive plays.

“If Joe Burrow and Trevor Lawrence were in the same class, I think it would be a good discussion for which one goes first,” the scout said. “Burrow is a really high-level thrower. He doesn’t have all of the physical traits of Lawrence, but in terms of processing ability, movement skills within the pocket and to the edge of the pocket and his ability to throw with location, he’s playing at a high level. Coming back from a serious knee injury, and he played more than half of last season too, he played pretty good ball against the Vikings. He was seeing the field well and he was getting the ball out quickly. They’ve done a nice job of designing the system where they give him a lot of layered reads, a lot of high/low reads, and when he does take the one-on-ones, he’ll put the ball where he wants it.

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