Column: Chargers have talent, but is it enough to overcome 17 road games?

Sez Me …

The NFL Team That Used To Be Here — you know, the Judases/L.A. Lodgers — today is being forced to begin working in Washington on something it often has trouble doing.

Playing winning football.

Or at least something that at times could even get close to it, bear a resemblance, put its talent — and its talent is considerable — to productive use.


Can they keep themselves from Judasing?

Other than their unusual injury, stupidity and historic special teams issues, it would seem the biggest problem facing the J’s would be how well they travel to their own Road House.

That would be their home away from home, Inglewood’s SoFi Stadium, an opulent flat for which penurious tenant Fredo Spanos pays a flat $1-per-year rental fee.

Once again, he will entertain thousands of guests from various parts of America destined to visit the NFL’s few real destination cities to follow their favorites.

Fredo & Sons claim to have sold around 45,000 season tickets, which wouldn’t be bad except for the majority being scalped to out-of-towners who fill the seats and turn Lodgers home games into their own Airbnb.

A critical condition.

Winning is hard. This makes it harder.

I’m not big on home-field advantage, but this is different, being at home with foreign fans making noise when you’ve got the ball and their team scores or does something positive.


Psychologically, it has to — must…

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