Column: As Justin Fields makes his 1st start for the Chicago Bears, we look at the ‘roller-coaster journey’ of a rookie QB from 3 perspectives

“Now, in the preseason they had nakeds, but those types of nakeds that he threw back to Jesse James, that’s a dream in the regular season when someone is game planning, as are some of the runs that he had. I think the Browns will have a plan of attack for how they want to rush him and contain him to the pocket. So you’ve got to do things to get him on the edge. That’s where his strength is right now. He’s got a long way to go as far as reading defenses. He missed that easy Sam/Mike blitz against the Bills and he got hit in the face. Matt Leinart did that and had his collarbone broken in Arizona, and that’s like the easiest blitz there is. He missed it completely. So he’s got a long way to go just to be a drop-back guy, and his strength is buying time, creating space with his feet and then running.

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