Column: Aaron Rodgers likely is returning to the Green Bay Packers, dashing the dreams of their division rivals. But the Chicago Bears need to focus on Justin Fields’ development.

Sure, watching the Packers try to pivot to Jordan Love, their first-round pick in 2020 who spent the entire season at No. 3 on the depth chart, would have been enjoyable for the Bears, Detroit Lions and Minnesota Vikings. But the Bears need to worry more about their own quarterback situation and finally getting it right than counting the days until Rodgers retires or plays elsewhere. Years ago, the Bears longed for the days the Packers would be without Brett Favre. Since Favre arrived in Green Bay, the Bears have invested eight first-round picks in quarterbacks via the draft or trades — two each on Jay Cutler and Justin Fields and one apiece on Rick Mirer (trade), Cade McNown, Rex Grossman and Trubisky.

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