Column: 10 ways to improve NBC Sports Chicago, including reinventing the pregame and postgame shows — and more David Kaplan, please

NBC Sports Chicago boss Kevin Cross got a big promotion this month, adding NBC-5 and Telemundo Chicago to his purview.

That ought to give him some clout to assert himself in how he runs the regional sports network that’s home to the Chicago White Sox, Chicago Bulls and Chicago Blackhawks — a channel that seems to have reined in its ambitions in recent years.


NBC Sports Chicago at least carries three pro teams rather than just one, but that doesn’t mean the channel is doing all it can to earn its keep. It should be more than just a home for games and whatever filler comes down the corporate pipeline.


So here are 10 suggestions on how to improve NBCSCH.

1. Get new theme music.

Enough with the tired, old standard-issue NBC regional sports network jingles. Why not update music already associated with a team, such as “Here Come the Hawks” or commission something distinct?

This might seem like a small thing, but it’s emblematic of a larger issue.

Chicago is not Philadelphia, Boston, Washington or any other market. It not only deserves its own sound, it merits its own look and feel rather than some cookie-cutter approach dictated from Connecticut.

Think back of how WGN worked to make its sports telecasts unique. That’s the standard Chicago viewers have every reason to expect.

2. Reinvent the studio pregame and postgame shows.

White Sox, Bulls or Blackhawks fans need…

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