Colts’ Chris Ballard discusses left tackle, Frank Reich and more

INDIANAPOLIS – Chris Ballard’s lengthy rehash of a complicated season and historic collapse often found its way back to one subject.

Carson Wentz. And that was understandable.

But there were so many other issues that required attention, and the Indianapolis Colts’ fifth-year general manager addressed them while attempting to balance the lingering sting of the inexplicable loss at Jacksonville with determining how to take steps to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

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Here’s a snippet of Ballard’s Thursday’s press conference, non-Wentz category:

Subject: Have you figured out how in the world things disintegrated with the closing losses to the Raiders and Jaguars?

Ballard: “I’m not there, yet. We lost a tough game to Las Vegas and then we got our ass beat by Jacksonville. I wish I had an answer for you right now, and I don’t. I don’t. I feel better about the answer for Vegas. There were some leverage points in the game we just didn’t take advantage of. We let them hang around and then they made a play at the end.

“The effort at Jacksonville, sometimes you get your ass beat. We got our ass beat. I wish I had (an answer) for the fans and for everybody, ‘Can you pinpoint what happened?’ I don’t have that. I wish I could. I don’t. I don’t have it. We got our ass beat.’’

Subject: Five years into your job as GM,…

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