Cleveland-area massage therapist calls idea she preyed on Ohio State football players ‘ridiculous’

COLUMBUS, Ohio — A Cleveland-area massage therapist disputes an Ohio State report that she used a massage “scheme” to prey upon Ohio State football players and engage five of them in sexual activities.

“I’m saying the report that I targeted these men for my own sexual gratification couldn’t be further from the truth,” Robyn Bassani said in a phone interview with on Thursday afternoon, less than an hour after Ohio State released a 15-page report on consensual sexual activity that transpired between Bassani and players over the last three years.

“(The report) said I was targeting them under the guise of a legitimate massage practice. I work with professional athletes. I worked, not with the university itself, but individual players. I never, ever once approached any of these individuals about sex,” Bassani said. “Did I have a sexual relationship with two of them? Yes. I never approached them for sex. Ever.

“If we entered a sexual relationship, which I had with two of them, it was always initiated by them. I would never initiate due to the fact that I was working with them in a professional setting. Once we crossed that line, we never worked in a professional setting again.”

Bassani, 41, was not named in the report, but several bits of information provided in the report made her readily identifiable with minimal internet research.

The law firm of Barnes & Thornburg was commissioned by Ohio State to…

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