Civale follows Cookie as Clemente nominee

In baseball, “PFP” stands for pitchers’ fielding practice. It’s a simple idea of running through drills for hurlers, knowing that they’re usually the first line of defense against ground balls. However, pitchers know that if they can’t field the ball, they have a bunch of guys behind them to back them up.

It’s a concept that Indians starter Aaron Civale wanted to bring to everyday life. And that’s exactly what he did.

Efforts that began over the offseason to help him make an impact in Cleveland’s community have led him to being the club’s nomination for the 2021 Roberto Clemente Award. And it all started with the desire to fill a void that former Indians hurler Carlos Carrasco has left.

“I know Carrasco was involved with the Cleveland Clinic and with him getting traded, that kind of left the void there and [I] wanted to keep that rolling. So we came up with the idea of Pearls for Perseverance: the acronym is PFP,” Civale said.

Drills that he has gone through countless times have now led to a charity that he and his fiancée Fran Barilla take very seriously.

“It’s the same concept with Pearls for Perseverance,” Civale said. “You’re giving the best shot with whatever you’re dealing with, and you know that there’s a big support network behind you to take care of everything else if you can’t field it yourself.”

The pearl in this case represents a baseball.…

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