Chris Mullin talks Knicks’ outlook, state of St. John’s, college hoops

St. John’s legend and Hall of Famer Chris Mullin swished a Q&A with Post columnist Steve Serby at the grand opening of the the New York Roadshow — a new sports card and memorabilia store in Bronxville ( 

Q: If you were the Knicks, would you sacrifice RJ Barrett in a trade for Donovan Mitchell? 

A: Look, if you’re gonna get a player like that, you’re gonna give something up you don’t want to give up. I think ideally they’d all be together and grow together. [Jazz exec] Danny Ainge looks like he wants picks. 

Q: What if he insisted on Barrett, would you do that deal to get Mitchell? 

A: I probably would. 

Q: Why would you sacrifice RJ? 

A: This guy’s [Mitchell] a star. And you clearly feel like you need to change the landscape of your team. I’ve watched RJ from a distance. … To me, look, the talent’s there, you see it, but is that the guy you want to go forward with exclusively, or is that a guy that Donovan Mitchell can do some of the things he does, and you get something from someone else and fill in the gap. That’s when those deals become tough. To me it’s more the specifics and the inner details. OK, RJ Barrett’s 6-7, he’s a young player — that everyone knows. It’s the other parts of him that become more important to me when you’re doing those…

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