Celtics have to carefully build around Jayson Tatum

Danny Ainge built a championship team in 2008 by pushing all his chips to the table to trade for Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett. Part of the reason he did that was because he missed his chance to pick Kevin Durant. In taking Jayson Tatum a decade later, he got his superstar through the draft. Now can he build a championship team around him?

Now that Tatum has signed his max extension, the clock is officially ticking. Perhaps that’s a bit melodramatic, but we have seen how much of a star driven league this has become. If the Celtics can’t deliver what Tatum is looking for (winning, one would assume) he could simply seek that elsewhere. I’d rather not wait another generation hoping for the next guy.

So what does that tangibly mean? Should the Celtics go “all-in?” That kind of depends on what you think “all-in” means.

There’s a danger in going after big name stars to pair with Tatum. For example, one version of going all-in could be James Harden (note that rumors indicate that the Celtics are not interested at the moment). A trade of Jaylen Brown and filler plus picks for Harden would certainly grab headlines. It might even result in an interesting season or two. But it could also flame out horribly, souring Jayson on the Celtics, ultimately costing us the primes of both Brown and Tatum.

Photo by Omar Rawlings/Getty Images

What about keeping…

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