CeeDee Lamb mentions Cooper Kupp as a WR he likes a lot

Cooper Kupp was already seen as a really good receiver prior to his record-setting 2021 season, but he emerged as one of the best players in football after putting up 1,947 yards and 16 touchdowns last season. He certainly caught the attention of defensive backs and wide receivers across the NFL last year, including CeeDee Lamb.

On Mike Silver’s “Open Mike” podcast, Lamb mentioned Kupp as a receiver he enjoys watching.

“Of course, Davante Adams. I like Cooper Kupp a lot. (Odell Beckham Jr.), of course,” Lamb said when asked which receivers he likes to watch.

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Lamb also mentioned Reggie Wayne and Pierre Garcon as two receivers from the past who he also took traits from and tried to model his game after.

Kupp is an easy player to watch and appreciate because he wins with his intelligence and awareness, not sheer speed or athleticism. He knows how to work angles against defenders and beat them with his route running, which creates a ton of separation and yields yards after the catch.

Lamb is also one of the best receivers in the league with the football in his hands, proving to be a difficult player to bring down. That’s something he and Kupp have in common.

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