Casserly: Washington shouldn’t trade Dwayne Haskins

Charley Casserly doesn’t think the Washington Football Team should be so quick to move on from Dwayne Haskins.

At the very least, the NFL Network analyst and former Washington general manager believes Washington should hang on to Haskins a little longer, especially since there’s no clear-cut future starter on the roster at quarterback.

“If I’m Washington, I’m not trading this guy,” Casserly told The Sports Junkies on Tuesday. “Do I have my answer there? No.”

“Kyle Allen played very well Sunday, absolutely played very well Sunday,” he said. “But did the ball go downfield? No. When he played last year, two things happened. He started fast, but I think as defenses figured him out, the ball wasn’t going downfield. Now it was also designed, because I don’t know of a ball he attempted to go downfield. But that’s something that you’ve got to watch with him as we go forward, and his decision-making totally fell apart the longer he played last year.”

When Washington first acquired Allen back in March, it was Casserly’s assessment at the time that, between Allen and Haskins, “Dwayne is clearly the better player.”

Many believed Ron Rivera’s decision to bench Haskins was a bridge to eventually starting Alex Smith, with Allen serving as a stopgap, allowing Smith more time to find his groove in practice. That all went out the window Sunday when Allen got injured in the second quarter, forcing Smith – the only other…

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