Carp in batting gloves? ‘Don’t be surprised’

ST. LOUIS — Matt Carpenter has rarely worn batting gloves. He didn’t wear them as a kid, didn’t wear them in high school and has said before that he only remembers a few times he wore them at Texas Christian University when the weather got bad. Since he debuted with the Cardinals in 2011, he’s been a strict no-batting-gloves player.

Could that change in 2021?

“Well, I’ve taken a totally different approach to the batting gloves deal,” Carpenter told Cardinals broadcaster Dan McLaughlin during a virtual Winter Warm-Up session. “I’m not saying I’m gonna wear them all the time, but I do have them. And historically, I’ve been kind of a slow starter in the cold weather. Don’t be surprised if you see me taking at-bats this year in some batting gloves. That’s the first time I’ve said that publicly, too.”

The session was called “On the Ranch with Matt Carpenter,” and it was part of the final day of Winter Warm-Up, the annual fanfest that was moved online this year. Carpenter checked in from his ranch in Glen Rose, Texas, and showed McLaughlin his workout facility and jersey collection. But the two talked baseball, too, and Carpenter’s expectations for 2021 after two disappointing offensive seasons from the 35-year-old.

“For me, personally, I want to get back to the player I know I’m capable of being and the hitter that I know I’m capable of being,” Carpenter said. “It’s been…

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