Cam Atkinson’s Community Work Deserves More Attention

The pandemic is impacting many things beyond the scope of the hockey world. Imagine being a business that depends on the hockey season in this current environment.

In Columbus, the famous R-Bar Arena along with several businesses around Nationwide Arena are feeling the effects of not having the Blue Jackets playing games. With no games come no fans. With no fans come a sharp downtick in business. The cumulative effect is leading to questions about how they can even stay in operation.

Cam Atkinson: A Community Giant

Enter Blue Jackets’ forward Cam Atkinson. He is already known as a community champion for everything he’s done in Columbus. He’s back at it again helping out these local businesses.

Atkinson joined our live show The Hockey Writers Live on Wednesday night to discuss what all he’s doing to help the community as well as how he’s preparing for the upcoming season. You can watch the full interview below.

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What Atkinson is doing now and has been doing in Columbus deserves a lot more attention than it’s getting. From helping to raise funds for local businesses to making an impact in the healthcare industry, Atkinson has made it his life’s mission to give back to the city that helped him land a successful NHL career. But that’s not nearly all.

Atkinson’s work with First Responders through the Force Network Fund is well documented. But now he’s doing multiple things in a…

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