Burrow, Bengals Unveil Long Range Plans

It was part of a workout where Taylor amped it up a little bit in what up to now has been pretty much a series of walk-throughs spiced with robust individual drills. But on Tuesday he let Burrow carefully execute his first play-action passes and practice ended with the fastest seven-on-session yet.

“I tell the backs to cheat out more as if they were in empty (backfield),” said Taylor, still keeping Burrow from under center and anywhere else people are found. “But you are in the backfield a little bit, so fortunately we have some mature backs who understand what I am asking them to do. It’s being able to ask Joe. He’s comfortable. We check with the trainers first before we do anything. He’s getting some good work done.”

As he has done every inch of this spring, Burrow’s knee passed the test. To be sure, it was clear that this was the first time he was trying to connect to his receivers on routes consisting of 40 and 50 yards. Some were overthrown and some the receiver had to wait on.

But he also threw enough in stride to rookie wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase to send the Big Chill down the spine of any LSU fan and show the grind to the Sept. 12 opener is alive and well. His footwork and arm strength again were smooth for throws that had, for the most part, zip and accuracy.…

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