Bulls veteran Tomas Satoransky has no problem looking in the mirror

It would have felt different for Tomas Satoransky if the Bulls would have simply handed the starting point guard spot to Coby White because of his age or draft status.

That wasn’t the case late last season.

Satoransky knew he was outplayed and outperformed by the then-rookie from North Carolina. It didn’t make him sleep better, but it was at least justified.

“For sure, I think he deserves that,’’ Satoransky told reporters in a Zoom call when asked about White taking a starting job that once belonged to him. “I really like the progress that he did last season, especially how he ended up the year. After the All-Star break he had an unbelievable run.’’

And as far as Satoransky was concerned, that “run’’ hasn’t slowed down.

The veteran guard has watched White take full advantage of a very strange nine-month layoff, and was impressed with the improvements made by a young guy who could have easily sat back, kicked his feet up, and taken for granted that he was a starter heading into Year 2.

“Even after I saw him after nine months, he had huge progress and you could tell he was working out a lot,’’ Satoransky said of White. “I can see the difference also from mental standpoint, just from conversation with each other that he really matured over that year. And I think he deservedly should be in this role. I like what he said the…

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