Bulls guard Lonzo Ball will rehab for a week before having knee surgery

Point guard Lonzo Ball is in good spirits and has confidence in the medical plan for his left knee, Bulls coach Billy Donovan said.

But the recovery clock hasn’t started running yet.

The timetable of six to eight weeks won’t begin until he actually has the surgery, and that might take another week.

“They’re going to use about a week here to allow him to kind of almost rehab for surgery and do some strengthening things going into surgery,” Donovan said Friday. “After he has the surgery, that’s when the clock will start on him.’’

Donovan also stressed that even though a tear in the meniscus has been presented as the reason for the surgery the last few days, the only definite issue that has been detected in the imaging tests is a bone bruise.

“Just talking to our medical people about it, the consultation with our doctors, outside doctors, people involved in this, there’s just a feeling where I know there’s been a lot of talk about the meniscus, but the only thing that’s really coming out on his image is you can clearly see the bone bruise,’’ Donovan said. “They just don’t have enough image of his meniscus or don’t know. What they really want to do is make sure he uses his time to do some strengthening. They want to do some preparation for surgery, so that’s a reason for the week.’’

It’s not the greatest news…

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