Building around a budding young core is a critical goal this offseason

This is “building mode” for the Philadelphia Eagles, an offseason different from the one 12 months ago. In that mode, deemed “transitional,” the Eagles accumulated as many NFL Draft assets as they could, dug themselves out of a salary cap squeeze with the goal of making the roster younger while contending for the postseason at the same time.

Mission accomplished.

Now the Eagles are on to a new phase, one that General Manager Howie Roseman talked about on Wednesday.

“We are in this mode of trying to build this team and build this team and get as many talented players that we possibly can to compete for championships going forward,” Roseman said. “We have a great opportunity to do that this offseason to keep building.”

What are the Eagles building around, then? It’s pretty easy to see if you paid attention to the 2021 season, which no doubt you did. The Eagles infused the lineup with young players blended in with experienced veterans and enjoyed watching the growth. Now, the Eagles are moving into a new phase led by younger guys at key positions.

“We’re all growing together and that’s exciting to see,” quarterback Jalen Hurts said. “I think that’s the biggest part of what has brought us together in the second half of this season. We’re kind of growing up together.”

Hurts is a player who finished his second NFL season amid noticeable growth. He’s the kind of player…

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