Bucs don’t need to worry about the Eagles (except for this)

TAMPA — So, maybe the Bucs have a lot of turnovers on Sunday.

Or they commit too many penalties, or miss a critical kick, or fail to convert on enough third downs. There are dozens of ways a good team can blow a football game.

But, realistically, there’s only one way the Bucs should lose to the Eagles:

If they can’t get their offense off the field.

That’s it. That’s Philadelphia’s only chance against a better team. The Eagles have done one thing really well in the second half of the season and that is running the ball and in turn controlling the clock.

C’mon, it’s hard to imagine Philadelphia beating the Bucs in an offensive shootout. And the defense is one of the NFL’s worst when it comes to creating turnovers. So that means the Eagles’ best hope is to use their running game to hog the ball on offense and keep Tom Brady off the field.

The last time these teams met in October, the Bucs were on offense for nearly 40 minutes. That left the Eagles 2-4 and motivated to find a new path to success. The ground game turned out to be the answer.

The following week, Philadelphia rushed the ball 32 times against the Raiders. It started a streak of 11 consecutive games with 30 rushes or more.

Miles Sanders is among the Eagles’ leading rushers but did injure his hand in this Dec. 26…

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