Bucs Championship Transaction Countdown #8: Turning to Ryan Succop

On the first day of September, at the beginning of the last week of camp, the Buccaneers signed the veteran Succop, who had been released by Tennessee back in March. Succop had a good track record of reliability over 11 seasons with the Chiefs and Titans but had struggled through a knee injury the previous year. In between two stints on injured reserve, Succop tried to make it work in the second half of the 2019 season but made only one of six attempts before being shut down again.

Succop used the 2020 offseason to get his knee back into shape and the Bucs gave him a tryout in late August. Satisfied that he was back to his old form, the Buccaneers then signed him to set up a very brief one-week competition with Gay. Succop looked good in his few practices at the AdventHealth Training Center and the team chose to go with what they felt was the surer option.

Would the Buccaneers have stuck with their 2019 draft pick a little longer if they hadn’t gone all-in with essentially all of their other roster moves leading up to the 2020 season? It’s possible. As it turned out, however, the decision to go with Succop proved to be a very good one, and Gay even found a new NFL home and a run of success with the Los Angeles Rams.

Succop was exactly what the Buccaneers wanted: near perfection…

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