Bucs’ Backfield Roles Will Be Determined in Training Camp

Arians has not seen the Buccaneers’ Super Bowl ring design and doesn’t plan to until the team’s ring ceremony on July 22. He wants to be surprised.

“It will be a special night,” said Arians. “Hopefully we can put it to bed then and get on with next season. I have not [seen it]. I don’t want to see it until I get it.”

Buccaneers ownership sought out input from Arians and some players and Arians’ only suggestion was a practical one.

“My input is that I wanted to be able to wear it,” he said. “I have one that’s so big you can’t wear it. It just sits in a jewelry case. I want to wear it in case I don’t have a reservation and I can get one.”

Lavonte David, one of the players who provided input on the ring design, has seen the final product but most of his teammates have not. The reveal when the boxes are presented during the ceremony could lead to some unexpected emotions.

“I don’t know – we’ll have to see when they present us the rings,” said wide receiver Mike Evans about how he expects it to hit him. “Right now I’m saying that I won’t be emotional, but when it comes you never know. It could just hit you. It’s definitely a huge accomplishment. I’m definitely going to cherish the ring and leave it for my kids and my kids’…

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