Bruins offseason: Why Boston has to move on from Tuukka Rask

Can’t believe you fell for that. In fairness, a lot of people scream “clickbait” at everything these days, so it’s about time someone actually did it. Anyway, let’s talk about that disaster of an end to the Bruins’ season.

It ended the way it was going to all along: by running into a team that could expose Boston’s lack of depth on forward and D. 

Someone was going to take advantage of the fact that the Bruins’ bottom-six and bottom-four were not championship caliber. That team should not have been the New York Islanders. 

So make it about Tuukka Rask all you want — he’s certainly part of the Bruins’ demise — but if you boil this season down to “Rask tailed off at the end of the series and now I get to say he’ll never win,” you’re dismissing why they actually lost. You’re also enabling the Bruins to stick to a roster construction that doesn’t work.

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Since the Bruins blew it against the St. Louis Blues, they haven’t had good enough teams to win. They were clearly a paper tiger when they won the Presidents’ Trophy in 2019-20. This year, they bridged the gap by picking up Taylor Hall and Mike Reilly, but they’d also lost Torey Krug and Zdeno Chara the previous offseason while adding Craig Smith. 

On the strength of star power alone, the Bruins should have been able…

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