Browns Mailbag: Talking WRs, 2022 Draft discussion and more

With the Browns drafting in the 13th position, two questions: No. 1. How would the draft position have changed if they had lost the last game? No. 2. Looking at the wide receivers in the draft, assuming all receivers are available, how do you rank all of the receivers? — Elmer L., Bangor, Maine

Based on strength-of-schedule tiebreakers, the Browns, who hold the No. 13 pick, would have picked 10th if they lost the season finale to the Bengals. That said, the effort and execution in that final game was commendable and something the team believes it can build upon going into 2022.

“It is all about having something to play for, and I think there was something to play for and multiple things to play for today,” Browns coach Kevin Stefanski said after the game. “I think the guys understood that. To see them fight for each other and with each other one last time, I think that tells you a lot about our guys.”

As for your second question — and a number of other questions in our Mailbag — I guess it’s officially draft season.

The best I can do for you at this point is lay out what some of the experts are saying about the top wide receivers at the moment. I’ll have a more developed opinion about the players as the draft process unfolds. That said, the significant injuries suffered by Alabama’s top two…

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