Brouwer’s back again, and he may have to leave again

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The Blues’ Troy Brouwer in action against the Vegas Golden Knights on Thursday, Dec. 12, 2019, in St. Louis. (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)

The Blues recalled Troy Brouwer from San Antonio of the AHL on Tuesday for the second time this season, and both times he’s been sent to San Antonio, he’s never even left St. Louis.

Is this the strangest season he’s ever had? “By far,” he said Wednesday. “By far.”

The Blues signed the veteran forward in-season when the team has hit by injuries, but as the team got healthier, he wasn’t needed, and eventually, he was crowded off the roster. The first time he was sent down, the team gave him a week to figure out whether he wanted to extend his career in the minors or call it quits. But two days into that, Oskar Sundqvist got hurt and the Blues needed him. On Feb. 16, when Sundqvist came off injured reserve, his spot was needed again and again he was sent to the minors. But after the trade deadline on Monday, the roster limit was gone and on Tuesday morning, Brouwer was back with the team.

“I’ve seen something like this happen to other guys,” he said, “but when you go through it it’s a whole nother experience.”

In that time away from the team, Brouwer got his own ice time at Centene Community Ice Center and skated with Barret Jackman.


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