Brian Daboll, Kenny Golladay must use each other before inevitable split

Keeping Kenny Golladay stuck on the bench is not going to help anyone. It is not going to help Golladay, of course. It is not going to help the Giants and a passing attack that needs to show a whole lot more to continue to win games by the narrowest of margins. And it is not going to help Brian Daboll in his first season as a head coach. 

This needs to be a user relationship more than anything else. The most powerful telescope in the land cannot see Golladay on the roster in 2023. There is no legitimate way to envision him off the roster in 2022, given the salary cap implications inherent in jettisoning him and the fact he is guaranteed $13 million whether he plays or sits. 

It certainly looks as if the shelf life on Daboll and Golladay is this one season. Why not make it beneficial to both before they go their separate ways? 

Golladay was on the field for only two snaps in Sunday’s victory over the Panthers. Three days later, he stood at his locker — there are places to hide, if so desired — and admitted he was dismayed with his lack of playing time. He did not sound off as much as he sounded confused. 

A day later, Daboll was ready for this. He is off to a 2-0 start and has infused a team and a fan base with energy…

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